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Get Your Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 Working on Mac OS X

I recently got a Mac Book Pro, my first Mac actually, and was trying to get my ScanSnap S510 scanner to work.  I came across two very useful posts:

Use a Windows PC Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner on the Mac

Fujitsu ScanSnap s510 Hack Download

After about an hour, i got some of the software working while following those initial instructions.  Unfortunately I hit a show-stopping error.  As others were, I was getting the error code 0xffffdc7 after every scan.  It wasn’t working.

A little more research, and realized that Fujitsu put out a patch for OS X 10.7 ( scansnap download V22L24) which needed to be applied to resolve that issue.  A little bit of work this afternoon, grabbing the all the English resource files needed and applying them to the newly patched Japanese version…. and it works!

For now at least, until somebody releases a new patch.  You can download the package here.

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