Road Trip 2016 – Day 8 (Montana to Idaho)

2016-02-07 11.38.45You might think that western Montana landscape would appear the same as eastern Montana; this is definitely not the case.  We got to drive very close to a few mountain ranges, some mountain passes which required slower travel.




2016-02-07 14.30.44

Another horrible Montana Rest Area



As I mentioned yesterday, we thought the rest area facilities were terrible in Wyoming and east Montana.  Well, they reached a whole new level of awfulness in western Montana.  Some of the rest areas (i.e. most of them) didn’t have any facilities whatsoever.  One we passed had just an outhouse.  Yes, an outhouse.  There was one trucker stopped there.  Needless to say, we did not stop.



For the rest areas that actually had facilities, like the one pictured above.  They looked pretty clean and pleasant from the outside.  Natalie and my oldest went in while I walked the dog.  Apparently the dog got the better rest area experience.  She came out and said the inside was absolutely horrible, and it would be best if I didn’t go in.  “Ok” was my reply.  I will spare you any detail.  Just trust us that they are not “clean” in any sense of the word.
2016-02-07 14.31.15

We made it all the way through the rest of Montana and into Idaho!  We are now in the Pacific Time Zone, which is a big deal.  She posted it to Facebook when we passed the border, and there was much rejoicing.

We are near the Idaho / Washington border and tomorrow is our last segment to our new home!  This is our last night of unpacking / repacking the car.  We are all very excited for our last day of driving tomorrow and having the boys see their new home!


Day 8 Statistics

Distance: 372.0 miles
Duration: 5 hours, 44 minutes, and 55 seconds
Average Speed: 64.7 mph
Minimum Elevation: 2119 feet
Maximum Elevation: 6361 feet
Total climb: 9325 feet
Total descent: 11903 feet

Day 8 Route

  1. Just consider this thought: there are, however, a LOT of trees.

  2. Hello! This is Ryker’s class . . . We have enjoyed your trip with you. The pictures are amazing and Ryker’s friends looked forward to the part of the day when we could check in to see how your trip was progressing. We are excited to see you settled in your new home.

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