Road Trip 2016 – Day 9

We made it!  Actually, we shouldn’t be surprised. Of course we made it!

We don’t have Internet access yet, so this post will be shorter than normal.  Please look for a follow up post later in the week.  

In the meantime, I took a few pictures at some rest stops in Washington.


Eastern Washington looks a lot like this

However the 

Washington landscape gets a lot more interesting as you get west of the Columbia river (which almost cuts the state in half for I-90).  You can see the mountains and get to drive over  Snoqualmie Pass.  The pass can get very bad in the winter; as it is often closed during bad weather; either that or chains are required.  We had no issue getting over the pass.  However, if you look below, you can see evidence of the level of snow they get during the winter.  To think, when I took the picture from the pass, we were less than 45 minutes from the house!

Now that is some snow.  The poor guy was carving thin roads out of what looks like 10 feet of snow!

I am looking forward to going skiing and snowboarding with the boys!

Look for another post late this week with our final updates!


Road Trip 2016 – Day 8 (Montana to Idaho)

2016-02-07 11.38.45You might think that western Montana landscape would appear the same as eastern Montana; this is definitely not the case.  We got to drive very close to a few mountain ranges, some mountain passes which required slower travel.




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Road Trip 2016 – Day 7 (Wyoming to Montana)

Day 7 Summary

2016-02-06 11.51.08

Views from Montana

This day was pretty uneventful.  None of us were feeling well.  I was feeling quite ill in the morning, so we slept in a bit and took it easy.  Thankfully, we were feeling much better after breakfast and some rest in the morning.  Needless to say, we made some good time and distance on the road.  It was fortunate we didn’t need to get very far to make our next nightly stay in Bozeman, MT.

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